Garage Doors

We offer a huge range of garage doors from industry leading manufacturers, such as Hörmann, Garador, SWS, AlluGuard and Select, including manual and electric operation. By using only the best quality manufacturers we know we have a product we can trust in and you can too.

Up and Over

Practical & Budget Friendly

Up and over garage doors are a safe and reliable solution for your garage door opening. Available in a variety of styles and materials, including steel, timber or GRP, you are sure to find a door to suit your home. These doors are very low maintenance and long lasting and are therefore a great choice for your home. All the up & over garage doors we supply are constructed within a rigid box section chassis for strength and stability. They are available in a choice of colours. Up and over doors garage doors are available in either a canopy or retractable operating mechanism, both of which have the option of being electrically operated.

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Stylish & Thermally Insulated

Sectional garage doors are one of the most high quality garage doors on the market, and offer excellent thermal insulation with single skin and insulated options available. If thermal insulation is something you are looking for, a range of sectional garage doors we offer have a 42mm thick double skin steel section that is evenly filled with CFC-free PU foam; ideal for integral garages and workshops where thermal insulation can be very important. Due to the way sectional garage doors are designed, you can also make full use of the space inside and in front of the garage. There is no need to leave room for the door to swing up and down as you would with an up and over garage door. Sectional garage doors can also offer more passage width when compared with up and over garage doors and are fitted with weather-resistant seals on all four sides to keep the elements at bay.

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Low Maintenance & Space-saving

Being low maintenance and available in a wide variety of colours and styles, a roller garage door could be the perfect option for your home. Roller garage doors come with the additional benefit that they only require minimal space inside the garage to be installed. The roller operating mechanism means that when it is installed there is no intrusion into overhead storage space and no impact on existing fixtures and fittings such as low lintels and lights. Full use of the space inside and in front of the garage can also be utilised as there is no need to leave room for the door to swing up and down as you would with an up and over garage door. All roller garage doors are fitted with safety features to ensure the door stops should it encounter any obstacle. Whilst usually fitted with electric automation a manual operation version is also available on roller garage doors.


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Side Hinged

Easy Access & Classic

Are you a keen gardener or avid bike rider? A side-hinged garage door could be the ideal match! This type of door lets you access the contents of your garage easily. With the advantages of modern function and security features it still retains a classic look. For additional flexibility, side hinged garage doors are also available with a centre split or off-centre split, depending on the size and design. Available in a wide variety of colours, finishes and styles, we can also offer side hinged garage doors with thermal insulation which is perfect should your garage have an additional function such as a workshop or hobby room.

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Side Sliding

Premium & Special Fitting

Side sliding garages doors are a premium product that will really add the ‘wow’ factor to your home. In contrast to up and over doors, sectional doors, and roller garage doors, this type of door opens to the side instead of upwards. This is particularly beneficial if the garage ceiling needs to remain free for overhead storage or the door cannot be fitted to the ceiling due to existing fixtures and fittings. Need to get items from your garage out faster? A side sliding garage door can be opened partially to allow for pedestrian access. The width of the pedestrian opening can even be programmed in to your remote control for convenience.

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